About the Firm

Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt is a responsive, strategic, and experienced personal service law firm. Our attorneys are your trusted personal advisors when you are confronting difficult choices involving divorce, family law, or criminal matters. Our team helps create and navigate the path forward with you.

Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt, LLC, is a personal service law firm, focusing on issues that are very close to home. We are the law firm you hope to never need because we assist clients every day with divorce, custody, family law, and criminal justice issues. No one plans to file for divorce, or to answer to criminal charges. The question is, when these issues arise, who are you going to call?

You will need a law firm that is responsive, strategic, and experienced. Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt LLC has dedicated many years to fulfilling that marketplace need. Our attorneys are dedicated; that is, we concentrate our efforts on our focused area of the law; divorce and custody for the family lawyers, and unfortunate arrests for criminal law.

Responsive: Our clients always know how and where to reach us, and we provide immediate feedback in emergency situations.

Strategic: Our clients know that we think strategically first before taking any action. Many lawyers know how to file motions and seek court intervention. Our lawyers anticipate unintended consequences and endeavor to answer questions before the court asks questions. Sometimes victory is in the road not taken.

Experienced: Our family and divorce law approach is based upon the team approach. The senior partners work with other members of the team to streamline cases and carefully safeguard clients’ funds. We have the in-depth knowledge and experience to evaluate the issues and advise our clients, whether the issues concern the components of executive compensation, the division of retirement accounts and pensions, or multi-layered and multigenerational trust and estate plans. Our criminal law approach involves the careful assessment of the case, along with an experienced approach to investigation and communication with the state’s attorneys, built upon decades of credibility and competency, to achieve the best possible result for the client.

When divorce, custody or criminal issues come knocking on your door, call Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt. It will be the first step towards a responsive, strategic, and experienced answer to your issues.