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You may be considering divorce, or your spouse may have broached the subject with you. You may be in the middle of a divorce right now and feel uncertain about how it is going. You may already be divorced and have questions about your post-divorce finances or parenting issues. The path forward may seem neither clear nor demarcated, and you may not know how to begin your travels.

At Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt, LLC, we believe that a divorce can be a foundational change for a family, which should be handled with great attention, discretion, and sensitivity for those involved. We see our role as trusted advisors as helping you to navigate the road ahead by addressing immediate issues and planning for the future. We work with you to develop clear, reasoned goals from the outset of your divorce and create an individualized plan to move you forward toward those goals.

You and your spouse have several options regarding the divorce process. Our divorce lawyers are trained in and have broad experience with the various options, including traditional litigation and the non-adversarial options of collaborative divorce and mediation. A divorce process may be started by one of the spouses without input from the other spouse. No matter what process you may be involved in, our family law attorneys are ready to advocate for you.

Regardless of how you and your spouse choose to get divorced, you will have to address a number of topics as part of the separation and untangling of your lives. Your divorce may involve the following areas:

At Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt, LLC, our divorce lawyers are experienced in handling complicated parenting issues. Our team routinely works with mental health professionals and substance abuse experts to address and manage issues and allegations related to mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, and parenting arrangements.

Our team also analyzes complicated compensation structures of self-employed business owners and high-income earners, including retirement, deferred compensation, and executive compensation awards, such as stock awards and performance-based awards, and we coordinate the valuation of significant assets, including closely-held or family businesses, trusts, and foreign real estate. This may involve forensic CPAs, accountants, appraisers, business valuation experts, and attorneys who practice in related areas, such as trust and estates and employment law. Armed with such information and knowledge, our clients have achieved their goals and obtained more favorable outcomes through negotiated settlements and agreements in litigation, mediation, and collaboration.

At Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt, LLC, our family law attorneys use their experience, acumen, and professionalism when advising, advocating for, and pursuing desired outcomes for clients and their families both through negotiated agreements and through court orders after a trial.

If you desire a trusted advisor to help calm the waters and chart a path forward, contact our experienced divorce lawyers at Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt, LLC, at 860-206-9096 or through our online contact form to schedule a consultation.