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Criminal Law

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Has your world been turned upside down because you have been arrested and accused of a crime? Let us help you to steer the right course. We at Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt have the knowledge and experience to formulate the right tact and approach to fight your criminal charge or charges and we will construct the best plan of attack to match the scope and gravity of your particular case.

Criminal Defense Experience

Our primary objective is to educate you about everything that you need to know regarding your rights in dealing with the complexities of the Criminal Justice System. Attorney Robert Britt and his firm help people with all felony and misdemeanor charges including assault and domestic assaults, larcenies, drug charges and weapons as well as other offenses. Our litigation skills are effective across the broad spectrum of criminal defense. This began with Attorney Robert J.T. Britt’s initial experience as an Assistant State’s Attorney (Prosecutor from 1984 through 1988). Attorney Britt’s prosecutorial experience was the perfect training ground for his work as a criminal defense attorney for the past 34 years. Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt focuses our experience on the unique facts of your case and how to utilize criminal case law to increase the probability of success in court.