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Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt shares our expertise with the community and those considering, or already involved in, divorce, custody, and other family law matters.

How are Trusts Addressed in Divorce in Connecticut?

The division of assets is a complicated, stressful process in any divorce. But when one spouse is a beneficiary of a trust, this adds unique complexities to the divorce proceedings. When a trust is involved, it is important that both the beneficiary spouse and the nonbeneficiary spouse protect their interests by consulting with an attorney … Read more

How are premarital assets addressed in divorce?

When a couple divorces and one or both spouses had significant premarital assets prior to the marriage, Connecticut courts will weigh many considerations in evaluating how these assets will be distributed. If I owned assets prior to my marriage and am now in a divorce, can I keep them? In a Connecticut divorce, all assets … Read more